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Good quality HCFC Refrigerants for sales
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Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit

China Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit supplier
Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit supplier Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit supplier

Large Image :  Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AUX
Model Number: FP-51KM FP-68KM FP-85KM FP-102KM FP-136KM FP-170KM FP-204KM FP-238KM

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1TABLE
Price: USD210-400TABLE
Packaging Details: CARTONS
Delivery Time: 1-15DAYS
Supply Ability: 10000TABLE 15DAYS
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Detailed Product Description
FP - 102 Km: Power: 49-90 W FP - 136 Km: Power:71-131 W
FP - 170 Km: Power: 79-145 W FP - 204 Km: Power: 100-186 W
FP - 238 Km: Power: 121-225 W


Fan coil is an ideal product at the end of the central air conditioning, heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fan, water pans, exhaust valve, stents and so on, its working principle is unit within the recirculation of air of the room, make the air through the cold (hot) water after the coil by cooling (heating), to maintain a constant room temperature.Usually, the fresh air through the air processing unit into the interior,


To meet the needs of the new air volume air conditioning room.
With the continuous development of technology of fan coil units, the use of field is bigger, is now mainly used in offices, hospitals, scientific research institutions and some other places.Fan coil is mainly through the role of the force on the fan, through the role of puts achieve the desired effect.Fan coil units must supply and return water temperature difference, the higher the water temperature, refrigerating capacity damping, the greater the dehumidifying ability decline.
Cabinet fan coil is made of high quality galvanized sheet, condensate plate adopts a integrated moulding process, no weld, solder joints, in accordance with the code for fire protection heat preservation material overall connection plate of fan coil units of small size in water: the body design and drainage pipe and line installation is simple, left and right over air return way can change at any time, to match the field unit can be installed on any Spaces, fan coil units with high efficiency, advanced tube expanding process, ensure the copper and aluminum foil close contact of the heat exchanger, heat transfer performance is good;Fan and fan coil low noise: reasonable airflow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing insulation, noise is lower than the national standard of generating unit 1 to 3 db (A);Fan and fan coil low energy consumption, heat exchanger reasonable matching, three adjustable air volume fan electricity most provinces, fan coil is widely used in central air conditioning of choose and buy at the end of the equipment, the full name of the specification is the central air-conditioning fan coil units.
This unit can be ideally placed in the ceiling, combined with the indoor decoration, only the tuyere dew is on the ceiling, tuyere and beautiful, does not occupy a space, easy maintenance.
Product features:
1, 340-2700 m3 / h air volume, temperature control precision of plus or minus 0.5 degrees, feel more comfortable
2, put the wind device adopts stepper motor, gear transmission, wind deflector swing more smoothly.
3, import brand-name drainage pump, Yang can reach 1200 mm, stable running, drainage more thoroughly.
4 tubular fan, high efficiency, to ensure that the air flow from the four side out, down to 65 ℃ air supply, air supply wider range, feel more comfortable to have breakdown self check function, convenient maintenance.Pop-up frame design, as long as the light according to the panel, filter can follow panel sliding out, maintenance easier
5, surface trim is made of a flame retardant ABS material forming, lightweight design, assembly easier
6, frequency models have PAM control function, control more precise and best of energy efficiency, improve efficiency.
7, between the outlet and return air grille increase foam pieces, effectively prevent the coagulate frost phenomenon.
8, efficient dust filtering net, effective dustproof sterilization,
9, 3 d spiral fan, smooth operation, 5 HP only 50 db noise.
10, microcomputer control, the fan motor speed can be set to high speed, medium speed and low speed and automatic air conditioning open time can be preset
11, the circular heat exchanger design, and the uniform wind, turbo fan four dimensional air supply, maintain uniform comfortable temperature.Eddy current fan strong adsorption foul air, can be in indoor and outdoor air, make indoor air more pure and fresh and natural.
12, wired and wireless control, the control mode is optional, remote control, wire control device, thermostat, three-speed switch, reserved output interface, making it easy for users to connect the electric two-way valve and realize the centralized control functions, convenient for centralized management of large project.Reserved ~ 220 v output interface, making it easy for users to connect the electric two-way valve, to make it more convenient to control unit.


The unit performance parameter list:
Cardiac cooling conditions: into the dry bulb temperature of 27 ℃, WenQiu temperature 19.5 ℃, the water temperature 7 ℃, the water temperature of 12 ℃;
Cardiac heating conditions: into the dry bulb temperature of 21 ℃, water temperature 60 ℃;
His table water flow, water resistance and noise is refers to the parameter under the high speed air flow.
Cardiac due to improve product performance, the above parameters is likely to change.Changes due to improve product performance and our company keep product design will not be the right to advance notice, please refer to our nameplate parameters.




MODEL FP-51 KM FP-68 KM FP-85 KM FP-102 KM FP-136 KM FP-170 KM FP-204 KM FP-238 KM
Air volume (m3/h ) high-grade 510 680 850 1020 1360 1700 2040 2380
mid-range 382 510 638 765 1020 1275 1530 1785
low 255 340 425 510 680 850 1020 1190
COOLING(W) high-grade 2712 3618 4514 5406 7210 9018 10810 12611
heating(W) high-grade 4070 5418 6767 8115 10807 13512 16205 18901
noisedB(A ) high-grade 39 40 42 44 45 48 50 51
mid-range 35 36 38 40 41 43 45 46
low 31 32 34 36 36 38 40 41
Water flow(kg/h) 620 700 940 1150 1400 1680 1820 2245
Water resistance(kPa) 26 27 29 31 34 36 39 42
Water resistance(MPa) 1.6
Coil form Copper tube and aluminum heat sink mechanical expanding
motor form Single-phase asynchronous motor
numders 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
power 220V ~/50Hz
fan type Low noise centrifugal fan
In and out of the water pipe R c3/4"(Internal thread)
Condensed water pipe DN20
Line shape (L x W x H)(mm) 570×570×255 835×835×240 835×835×280
weight kg 20 20 23 24 25 27 28 28
panel L x W x H(mm) 650×650×30 950×950×55 950×950×55
weight(kg) 2.2 7.0 7.0
Hoisting installation size (L x W)(mm) 600×400 780×680



 Fan coil Air Conditioner AUX Embedded air conditioning chilled water fan coil unit

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